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Cactus Recruitment is delighted to Partner with Student Safety UK (SSUK), as part of our services which we offer to the education community, SSUK brings a holistic approach to international student safety. Cautious and worried parents can rest assured that their children's safety and wellbeing are looked after by professional security, health and safety coordinators dotted all around the UK. 

SSUK offers a unique service that helps families to send their children to pursue their dream, they facilitate this dream in a healthy and safe environment. 

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If you are interested and want more information then contact us at and one of our consultants will be in touch.


We create safe environments that enables international students to flourish, broaden their outlook and enjoy the cultural experiences the UK and its school's, universities and colleges have to offer, along with providing reassurance and confidence for their families.

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Families from across the world use our services because they trust us. We are 100% client focused and are here for students and their families to make life in the UK a positive experience. We help international students fulfil their potential.



Our goal is to make life as easy, enjoyable and safe as possible for our overseas students. As experts with over 30 years experience in student welfare, we are the 1st choice for families to ensure their child achieves all they set out to.


If you are interested and would like to hear more then get in touch at

International student welfare is at the heart of what we do

The UK is one of the safest countries in the world but as with most places, there are a number of risks that exist everywhere. Whether external risks, ranging from becoming a victim of crime, problems with accommodation, or the risks that come with new freedoms, such as alcohol or illicit drugs to simply becoming homesick and isolated from friends and families, the world can be more challenging than a young person recognises.

Student Safety UK is chosen by families from all over the world to provide care, professional support, guidance and reassurance for students miles away from home, their family and friends, as well as that all important support network young people rely on to get through difficult times and crisis. We are here when you can't be.

We believe that everyone is different and that’s why we don’t offer a ready-made package solution, but provide a personalised care plan that is designed to meet the student’s needs, safeguarding their safety, well being and personal welfare throughout their time here in the UK. Our goal is to ensure each of our students fulfill their potential delivering unrivaled support, guidance and advice. Under our guidance, students will achieve and succeed in life.

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Location Tracking

As part of their security package they offer a personal GPS Tracker to international students, this tracker is monitored by security professionals and it will send constant updates to the student warning them of any security issues within the area they have entered. 

In addition, it has an SOS emergency button that will contact the command center and security personnel will be dispatched to you immediately, this is particularly helpful when a student is in danger, bullying, or any life-threatening scenario. 

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